Petrolheadonism Live.

How do I begin to explain how epic this show was?

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Having spent most of the month of August in the UK, both on holidays and making some content for DriveTribe, I was back home in Ireland for just 2 days when I heard about this event.

I've followed both Ciro and Petrolheadonism on Instagram and Facebook for awhile now and I've always wanted to attend one of the events, I will admit that I am quiet jealous of the events like this in the UK, mainly because there isn't much happening or like these events in Ireland even pre covid! Enough planning done for this event with friends it was time to book some flights, I was finally going to a Petrolheadonism event, I was beyond excited!

Before I get into the details of the show, if you have never heard of Petrolheadonism, who and what is it exactly? Petrolheadonism is the home of movement and a base for all petrolhead's to rejoice in their passion for anything automotive ultimately they host events at various locations for Americana, Highly Modified, Classics, Supercars and now Motorbikes. Bringing Petrolhead's together, since 2007! What's their motto? Bringing Petrolheads Together from all walks of life with one common interest cars and bikes.

The 18th of September finally arrived, so did the traffic on the A1 motorway! However it wasn't all that bad! Just had to be a bit cheeky on the road.

I had never been to Knebworth House in Stevenage before, I can only describe it as a fairly lavish Tudor stately home and gardens which hosts massive rock concerts and is open in summertime. Now over a 2 day period is was going to host Petrolheadonism Live.

Firstly we were met by a long driveway in and directed to where we should park, even the vibe and music in the car park was great.

Next we were met by a wave of what can only be described as a wave of colour and the most epic choice and varation of cars, from Lambos to 240z's this show had everything and I mean everything. Something I can only descibe as a car lovers dream event. Ireland needs an event like this!

Ciro and his team set out to make this show a show for all the family no matter what age you are, what type of cars you drive or like, this was the event for you. Even little Cody pictured below at 4 months old loved the event!

Special guests of the event was TV star and Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings and Big Chris.

All roads and cars definetely lead to this event, some of the best people to meet and be involved with especially Sam Hard and Ciro. I personally cannot wait for the next event, if your in the UK or thinking of attending a car event in the UK give this one a go!

Some of the cars at Petrolheadonism:

The people of Petrolheadonism live:

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