Petter Solberg’s son has the best rally instructor for his first tarmac test

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In the world of rally driving, Petter Solberg may be one of the most well-known drivers apart from France’s string of Sébastiens. The Norwegian managed to give Subaru its last WRC championship in 2003 and has since then made the move to rallycross, giving him another pair of World Titles.

With the Solberg name built into the history of rallying, it seems it could soon become the future of the sport as well. In fact Petter’s son, Oliver, is showing a lot of promise. At the age of just 18, he has made his way into the WRC circus with an appearance at this year’s Wales Rally GB in a VW Polo GTI R5.

In order to ensure Oliver gets more opportunities to show what he can deliver on the world stage; he has recently been hard at work practising in the French Alps. I know what you’re thinking, he’s just driving a little hatchback up and down a mountainside after convincing his father that it will help him go faster. Well, that’s not quite it.

In fact, the young Norwegian has joined Sébastien Loeb’s racing team, and the nine-time WRC champion himself is helping Oliver with his technique. Earlier in the year, a video was uploaded to Oliver’s YouTube channel showing the process he’s gone through to learn more about pushing a rally car to the edge.

The rallying duo spend most of the video discussing the Peugeot 208 R2’s setup. This is obviously quite an important element in finding the edge over your competitors, something Loeb has a knack in.

It’s very interesting getting a driver’s insight in the fine tuning of the brake balance, for example. Furthermore, Loeb’s ability to know exactly what to change when fixing an issue that Oliver has is mind-boggling. I guess that’s what happens when you have over 20 years of experience in the sport.

After giving the youngster a snippet of his knowledge, Loeb makes the coolest exit anyone can, jumping in a helicopter and flying out, probably to his nearest mansion.

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  • Oliver Solberg also featured in the Sweden segment of Ken Block’s Gymkhana 10, worth a look

    10 days ago
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  • Loved how Oliver went around Goodwood this year, totally spectacular and sideways!!

    10 days ago


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