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Peugeot 5008 SUV 2.0L BlueHDi EAT8 180: The Party Never Ends

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Peugeot say the following about their all-new 5008 SUV: The ultimate in SUV luxury, any journey no matter the distance will leave you wanting for nothing. Which I think you’ll agree, is a very bold statement. But think back to the 2008 and 3008, for anyone fortunate enough to have experienced either of these two family motors you’ll realise that Peugeot have every reason to be confident with the 5008. Success breeds success and all that. Indeed, MotorMartin was confident enough regarding the impressive 3008 SUV to state: I have driven the future and it is a Peugeot 3008. Equally bold then.

So what does this preamble mean for the latest addition to Peugeot’s growing SUV department? Quite simply that this 5008 needs to be good, better make that exceptionally good if it is not to become overshadowed by the already excellent, if slightly smaller 3008.

Photo courtesy of MotorMartin.

A week on the Island of Anglesey in North Wales, should provide the 5008 GT with ample opportunity to impress, especially once filled to bursting with holiday clothing and equipment and will show once and for all if it can indeed provide a journey that leaves you wanting for nothing.

With a boot offering 952 litres of storage up to the parcel shelf, rising to a potential 2,150 litres with the middle row seats lowered, loading to the roof, using the underfloor storage, there really is no excuse for being unable to pack all of that you may require. Indeed, for the average family holiday there should be no problems at all cramming suitcases, body boards and associated beach paraphernalia into the 5008’s capacious rear. Upfront you’re also catered for with a plethora of cubby-holes, pockets and clever storage solutions, far more than most people should ever need (many of which are flock lined.) And then there’s perhaps my favourite clever piece of kit, the wireless charging mat for your smartphone, a feature once sampled, forever missed.

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What else then can point towards Peugeot’s commitment to providing the potential purchaser with The ultimate in SUV luxury? Now when I think of luxury, my mind often wanders towards a relaxing massage, comfortable ambience and a delightful scent. No really… It therefore came as quite a surprise to find that I’m not the only one as those clever folk down in the depths of the PSA Group’s R & D department also define luxury in those terms. Once you, the driver, have adjusted the seat and steering to the required positions you can start to play around with the huge variety of settings on offer. Ambient lighting, different cabin scents, seat heating and a multi point massage function mix beautifully with the Nappa Mistral full grain leather trim to provide both comfort aplenty and support. A job well done in MotorMartin’s opinion.

Now comes the clever part though. If you’ve been exploring the outer reaches of civilisation or have not had access to printed or digital media of late, then you may not be aware of Peugeot’s innovative i-Cockpit® and the impact it’s had on their currant range. Each iteration of the dash appears to improve upon the previous so that what we have now is a configurable 12.3″ head-up digital instrument panel which is a thoroughly well developed and user friendly piece of kit. You’ve got a fully customisable series of settings which allow you to display exactly the information you need directly ahead of yourself. The beauty of Peugeot’s i-Cockpit® is in it’s positioning directly in the eye line of the driver, meaning that you can keep glancing at your speed without looking away from the road itself. Excellent.

Photo courtesy of MotorMartin.

And then there’s the driving experience itself. With a seating position benefiting from the usual SUV plus points of height and accompanying visual range you’re already one step ahead of the game. Strong lines of site allow for excellent views through traffic or country lanes giving you that crucial advantage when it comes to planning your next move or anticipating other cars’ activity. Just what you need when exploring the smaller roads criss crossing Anglesey’s interior.

On the motorway linking Britain to it’s Welsh neighbour, the Peugeot offers a driving experience that is simplicity itself. Set the adaptive cruise control to 70mph and just let the accomplished 5008 GT do what it does best, keeping up with the traffic and making excellent progress. The miles simply disappear. A quiet and comfortable cabin offers you everything you would expect in 2018 whilst the Peugeot’s 8.0″ capacitive touchscreen allows access to the Automatic dual zone climate control, DAB Radio, Bluetooth music streaming and calls, Mirror Screen®: (Apple CarPlayTM, Android Auto and MirrorLink®) and Connected 3D navigation: includes TomTom® Live updates keep you occupied.

Photo courtesy of MotorMartin.

It’s when you get off the motorway though that this Peugeot SUV really starts to surprise and entertain. You know you’re in for some fun once Thomas Telford’s incredible Menai Suspension Bridge (opened on 30th Jan 1826) appears on the horizon as this signals an end to traffic and frustration and represents the doorway to adventure. Why? Head out on the A5025, Pentraeth Road and you’re immediately transported to a driving experience of twenty or so years ago, a lack of traffic and a stretch of tarmac that follows the contours and elevation changes of the local topography provides the 5008 with an opportunity to shine.

The 5008 SUV’s Compact multi-function steering wheel comes into it’s own away from the motorway as it offers the driver a clear view of the car’s instruments as well as, in Peugeot’s words, providing heightened responses and improved agility in the corners. What this means out in the real world is that you have a good sized family car that can also be hustled along as and when necessary. It’s no 308 GTi By Peugeot Sport but it’s certainly impressive nonetheless. Keep things smooth and the Peugeot’s suspension keeps everything on the straight and narrow offering good control and feedback through the steering as well as communicating to the driver the levels of grip available. It really is the best of both worlds as you’ve got a family size SUV that can transport you, your family and associated paraphernalia across this green and pleasant land of ours and then when you arrive, there’s fun to be had.

Photo courtesy of MotorMartin.

Using the 5008’s 177 bhp @ 3750 rpm provided by it’s 1997cc, 8 speed diesel power plant and an impressive 295 lb/ft torque accessed low down at just 2000 rpm means that the Peugeot has a rather surprising turn of speed whilst also offering up to 58.9 mpg. And with the benefit of a smooth and intelligent automatic gearbox, the Peugeot is able to access it’s power exactly when and where it is needed.

Overall, the 5008 GT is a more than worthy addition to Peugeot’s SUV range and continues the good work started by both the 2008 and 3008. What you now have is a choice of model that best fits you and your family and all with the knowledge that whichever you choose, you’re getting a thoroughly modern, efficient, practical and good looking SUV. One that also offers up to seven seats when necessary. The best bit? You can have an entry level car on your drive from only £26,259 and that is a bargain.

Photo courtesy of MotorMartin.

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