Peugeot is celebrating 210 years of madness with cheap tickets for their museum

Peugeot started out as a family business in 1810 and forty-odd years later, in 1858, Émile Peugeot applied for the lion trademark. After manufacturing coffee mills and bicycles for around forty years, they eventually turned to motor vehicles in the late 1800s and in 1896, Armand Peugeot founded the Société des Automobiles Peugeot. Peugeot are celebrating 210 years of madness in style (26 Sep 1810 - 26 Sep 2020) and if you happen to live in western France, this is your chance to check out the Musée de l'Aventure Peugeot in Sochaux. Admission is €1 only from Sep 1 - Oct 31, 2020. In the museum, you'll find a saga of historical vehicles including the funky and iconic 1941 VLV, the brand's first EV.

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Comments (4)

  • That looks like a really good day out. I’ll definitely go there at some point

      19 days ago
  • They've got everything on display, including the coffee mills: They even made the G-Wagen because French military needed a vehicle and they wanted the Merc but it had to be French 😊

      17 days ago