Peugeot plans to enter the US Market by 2023

The previous plan was to enter the US market for the 2026 model year, but the merger with FCA has sped up Peugeot's timeline to sell cars in the US.

1y ago

Following the merger with FCA, Groupe PSA has announced that Peugeot could enter the US Market as early as 2023. Peugeot will be arriving with a full lineup of vehicles including several hybrid and fully electric vehicles as well. This could shake up the market considerably because of Peugeot's fashionable design language.

While enthusiasts may not be too excited about the hybrids and electric vehicles, Peugeot hasn't entirely ruled out bringing models like the 508 wagon to the US. That is particularly interesting, because the sedan-based hatchback segment has only recently made a resurgence. With a full range of vehicles, Peugeot could snag a reasonable size of the market share, especially considering how stylish some of their lineup is.

Peugeot also has two good things going. First, they have the entirety of the FCA dealership network to help them get started, unlike Tesla, who had to build their showrooms to attract customers to the brand. The second thing that Peugeot has going, is that they they are new vehicles to US buyers. Think about the people that bought Teslas, and Alfa Romeos, did they buy them because they were good, or because they looked like nothing else on the road?

I think that all of this will lead to Peugeot having a very successful launch in the US, once they actually get here that is. I think that buyers that are looking for a new brand will be impressed with Peugeot's lineup, which could lead to other brands making similar plans to come across the ocean and sell their cars here.

Do you think Peugeot will be successful in the US? Are they going to fail like other European brands that tried to establish themselves in the US? Will we get US-exclusive Peugeots, like VW did with the Atlas? Comment Below!

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Comments (43)

  • This is going to be pretty interesting I’m sure Doug Demuro is waiting eagerly for this

      1 year ago
  • I’ve been following this story for a long time. A year ago, I thought launching Peugeot here was merely ambitious. Now I think it’s unrealistic. If our economy (and resultant car market) take a dive, unproven brands with premium pricing are going to struggle. But hey, maybe everything will return to prosperity in the next 36 months and increased competition will be welcome in the marketplace.

      1 year ago
  • For some reason, I now have the vision of Beuford. T. Justice - Fearless Law of Texas - trying to pronounce "Peugeot" on pulling someone in a 508.

    “Pew Goat Sumbitch! "

      1 year ago
  • I think people think of them as low quality, but they won't be able to enter at a low price, or an amazing warranty, so it'll be a loosing battle.

    I'd welcome Citroen. They have some really beautiful cars in that line. Peugeot?..

      1 year ago
    • I assume you're american, judging by your last sentence.

      I'm french. Here, Peugeot is what we call entry-premium, like Volkswagen : a bit better than the mainstream manufactor like Renault, Skoda or Ford, but not quiet to the level of a...

      Read more
        1 year ago
  • All those people buying Alfa Romeo's in the US? You mean, both of them? Peugeot left this country last time with a horrible reliability reputation, just like AR, and unless they bring over something bulletproof, as well as differentiated, they are going to have a hard time, and having all those dealerships used to selling Chargers and Durangos aren't going to help one bit.

      1 year ago
    • Well, if the French were smart, they would use lots of Toyota parts and Toyota assemble them.

      Ain't gonna happen, so au revoir Pug before we even met.

      Having seen latest Pug products in Europe, I'd say they're looking good, but you cannot...

      Read more
        1 year ago