Peugeot Sport Battle - 90´s NA 306 Maxi Vs New Turbo 308 Racing Cup

A Battle of Archetypes using machines from the same manufacturer. And how Motorsports have evolved during the last Two decades.

At Montée des Légendes event this year, among the many Peugeot Sport Monsters present, were these two machines that while being Racing Versions of the mid-sized Hatchback option of Peugeot at heir respective eras, also show how different the concept and archetypes are during the almost Twenty Years that separate them.

So while the Peugeot 306 Maxi is a machine built for Rallying and powered by a 2.0L Naturally Aspirated engine capable of around 290Hp at well over 9.000Rpm, the 308 Racing Cup is a Turbocharged 308Hp/400Nm 1.6 Liter machine built for Touring Car Racing. Of course weight also marks a big difference between these two FWD Race cars with the older Kit-Car weighing only 960Kg while the newer TCR machine weighs over 1200Kg.

How both concepts translate when put head to head on an Hillclimb is very interesting to watch and certainly food for thought to all Motorsports fans...

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