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Peugeot Sport presents its new logo

The PSE logo is replacing the GTI one

39w ago

Times are changing and electrification will certainly be part of our future. Thus, some symbols of the 1980s have to adapt to new trends, even if it means transforming themselves. This is the case of the GTi emblem at Peugeot, which will soon give way to the PSE (Peugeot Sport Engineered) logo on the brand's future sports cars.

Today, the new sports branch of the French manufacturer is presenting its logo with a futuristic look. In addition to the clearly recognizable and understated Peugeot Sport name, the three green slanting bars are particularly striking. This color will symbolise the PSE models in the same way as red for the older GTi models.

This green color has already been used on the Peugeot 508 PSE concept, a concept that will soon become a reality with a plug-in hybrid engine with a total output of 360 PS. And while the 508 PSE is finalizing its tests, another small Peugeot is also preparing to receive the PSE label.

It is the e-208 which will take over from the 208 GTi. It will be this time completely electric and will fully exploit the benefits offered by this technology: instantly available torque and a lower centre of gravity compared to a ICE car.

Photo credits Peugeot

Photo credits Peugeot

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