Peugeot UK research makes incredible find

    According to the study, more UK children want their parents to switch to electric or PHEV cars.

    According to the research, 67.8% of children surveyed have stated that electric and plug-in-hybrid cars benefit the planet, thus demonstrating that an increasing number of them have started to show care for the environment. Additionally, 55.3% of the parents taking part in the study stated that their children would like them to purchase an electric car.

    The study consisted of 1250 children aged 7-12, as well as their parents and guardians, and also revealed that 54.2% of the children have tried to get their parents to be more environmentally-friendly.

    The new 3008 hybrid.

    The new 3008 hybrid.

    The news comes after Peugeot's announcement that by 2023, the company will offer electrified variants across its entire model line-up, with several of the current models such as the 2008, 508 and 208 already having electrified versions.

    Managing Director of Peugeot UK David Peel has expressed his excitement that "the next generation of car buyers (are) interested in full electric and plug-in HYBRID vehicles" as well as the fact that "they understand the positive impact these vehicles have on the environment".

    Admittedly, this is great news, because I think it would be pretty depressing if the next generation would be preaching climate change denial and speeding up global extinction, mainly thanks to the influence of people such as Ted Cruz who have the intellectual capacity of foetuses.

    So thank you Peugeot, for giving us hope that humanity is not yet doomed.

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    Comments (65)

    • WOW, who could have thought! Of course children will. Message "EV is good" is drilled into their heads by "well meaning" everyone around them, including those with vested interests. They of course, would not conveniently mention issues surrounding making and recycling of batteries. Children did, do and will listen anyone, but parents. And, dear Peugeot, do stick to car making. Prove that you are right by your deeds, not brainwashing!

        26 days ago
      • Well I am a kid and I'd rather a 6.2l supercharged V8 thanks.

          26 days ago
      • They're not talking about each and everyone, but majority. Of course, there always be those who believe no matter what and those who are smart enough to slowly analyse everything and come to their own conclusions, rather than hurrying to...

        Read more
          25 days ago
    • Kids are stupid. Dad knows best. ('slides up the garage door, while V8 rumbles into the right temperature')

      But, daaaad.... Shooooshhh ('the car tilts while V8 being revved')

        26 days ago
    • And that’s the difference between the US and you guys.

        27 days ago
    • I don’t

        27 days ago
    • Fuck the kids, I’m gonna take them to school in a Hellcat whether they like it or not😂

        26 days ago


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