PEUGEOT Vauxhall hybrid has been announced

As the owners of the British (poor persons super car) manufacturer Crap-All (to be validated) is about to be sold to the French maker haa he haa he haa , the two car (validation needed) manufacturers have announced they are going to produce a hybrid car made from bits from both companies.

The new car is going to be called the 20-tra (pronounced the two oh Taraahhh) and is thought to be the start of a wonderful relationship between the two companies.

The engine is going to made by the British manufacturer, a five cylinder unit but it will only run on four most of the time and on three when you need the full power out of the engine, usually when trying to get out of a junction or at a roundabout.

The Exhaust is going to be French and made from super thin metal that will corrode and rust after a couple of months, we asked why this was and apparently it appeals to young drivers who want the cars to sound "really good" while driving around the council estates.

The doors are French too, with a triple locking high security mechanism and double bolt action as an added extra, unfortunately the car's body will be British and isn't going to be compatible with the high security features and as security spokesman Andy Yalelock-Keyhole (76) said to us, "Its not going to work and we aren't changing our bloody side, the bloody French can change their bloody side".

The company are going retro with the brakes and are going to fit hub's and shoes, we asked independent brake expert Clive Slammon-Quickly (24) what he thought. He told us, "As most of the cars are only going to be driven backwards and forwards to ASDA (low cost supermarket for a special kind of people) and joy riding around council estates the brakes aren't going to be used that often anyway."

The Peu-All two oh Taraahhh is going to come with many optional extra's, bright lights under the car, burbury paintwork, a selection of fluffy dice (various colours) and headlights that don't work at night even when other drivers flash you again and again but your too stupid to realise.

Orders for the Two oh Taraahhh are already coming in to the factory from dealers all over the country, unfortunately most of them can't be registered as the crayon has smudged on the signature line.

So we can expect to see the Peu-All on the streets sometime in 2018 and in scrape yards in 2019.