Peugeot will be back in Le Mans with this anonymous hypercar in 2022

The same engine will be shared by 25 other track and road cars in the next couple of years.

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Peugeot has had a remarkable stay in the world's biggest racing tournament, Le Mans which is known for its 24 hour endurance championship. While Peugeot rose into limelight with its hypercars that have bristled with feel for years enabling the French automaker to secure several titles, they have been dormant now for some years. While we don't know the exact reason for the same, it could be because of this: their new unnamed hypercar that is anticipated to resonate well with its yet another innings in racing.

The brand has released some images and boy, does it look sinister. Fat, angry and brutal, these are the first superlatives that knocked my head upon a glimpse at it. While it does have a flair of its own with its muscular and tall fenders, monumental wheel arches, a rear which exudes the biggest air outlet my eyes ever beheld, there are signature Peugeot styling cues such as 2 pairs of triple LED lights at the front and the rear. Not to say it looks preposterous by any means, but it would have been nicer seeing Peugeot take a different approach for its styling quotient.

A lot of presence is evoked through the derriere and the rotund glass area enveloped in green. The green and gargantuan splitters also denote that it is an electric hypercar and the black and green colour blend works like magic. Oh! And did I mention that the indentations on the hood make it a connoisseur in jinking forward.

Albeit the car looks fastidious, it doesn't have hypercar levels of performance with its 671 hp (500 kW). Of this, 268 hp (200 kW) is contributed by an electric front axle. More details on its performance is expected to be out in some time.

Peugeot has reported that based on the same powerplant, it will develop 25 track-focussed and road legal cars in the next two years after its debut. This means that we can expect some extremely rapid street cars too, imbued with the essence of Peugeot Sport. The company has abstained from commenting by when will this car which by the way, is road legal go on sale. But when it does, we can only expect the zesty car enthusiasts to yell a cry of delight.

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