Phoenix Yellow DC2 on JDM Heroes...

This DC2 is a bit more special than most for a couple of reasons...

2y ago

First it’s Phoenix Yellow, which is the rarest colour for a DC2. And second, it’s an RX version, which means it was one of the very last DC2’s built.

For a start it’s light. Stripped bare. Everything about it is focused on making this car brilliant to drive. It weighs just over 1100kg, it’s got a limited slip diff between the front wheels, stiffer bodyshell, firmer suspension and fatter anti-roll bars than a standard Integra. You’ve also got slimmer glass and what feels like next to no sound proofing.

And then there’s the engine. What an engine! The contemporary Civic Type R, the EK9 used the 1600cc B16B, but the Teg got the bigger B18C.

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Comments (2)

  • 98 Spec DC2 in yellow, with Yellow Ricardo's is about as JDM as you can get.

      2 years ago
  • The car is beautiful and looks mint! Excellent Acura DC2.

      2 years ago