Photography 101

As with any subject, or object is you like, for photography, the backdrop is everything. Or at least half the photo, if not more. It's there to highlight the object in question, but it's also there to set a mood or even as a contrast to the object. It should be neutral, yet interesting enough to get your attention. With car-photography this is, I feel, essential to the end result, as I shall now demonstrate

Here's a photo of my car. In the background you'll see some buildings and lamp posts. Not very exciting... ©Christopher Skjæveland

Although at a different angle, with a different, neutral yet exciting backdrop, the photo comes more alive. ©Christopher Skjæveland

Of all the photos I've taken of the car, this is by far my favorite one. The mood I was talking about... This is it... ©Christopher Skjæveland

Another mood-setter, had it not've been photo-bombed by the minivans in the back. On the other hand, maybe I'm the clot who ruined the photo...©Christopher Skjæveland

I like this one too. An sort of urban and rough environment. ©Christopher Skjæveland

So, I hope you've learned something today. Even if it's never to take advice from an amature :P - Happy motoring!