Pick a Renault

25w ago


I own a Renault and I have kind-of started becoming a brand ambassador for them in my local circle. Having said that, I've started looking at Renault concepts, both present and future, after getting my car. A lot of people tend to associate Renault's with older gen models, including their faults and issues. I do know that a lot of info can be found when looking at the previous generations so I'll exclude them out of common decency. Here we go...

Number 1: Clio R.S. 16 concept

I know I've covered the R.S. 16 before(and I still want one) and I'll include it again to start off my Renault infused love trip.

Renault decided they were gonna make this concept. A wide-bodied Clio, with a 271hp 2.0 litre engine transplanted from a Megane RS 275 Trophy. They reworked the suspension, they left it as an FWD car and poked it with a stick. 0-62mph in under 6 seconds, top speed of 155mph, the Clio would've made buyers very happy. WANT!

Number 2: Symbioz concept

Doesn't look like much but this is said to be the car of the future.

All electric car with a range of about 500km per charge on a 72kWh battery, what makes the Symbioz stand out is its autonomy. The concept model has been tested and rated at level 4 autonomy. Testing is ongoing and the full autonomous vehicle should be ready by 2030, according to Renault. Specs of the Symbioz is nothing to be sneezed at, with 670hp and 487 lb-ft. Yeah... Alas, with all that tech, it is going to be a heavy car. Like VERY heavy...

Number 3: RS 2027 Vision concept

Ok, it is basically an F1 car, but it can theoretically be made street legal, right? With a few blinkers and side mirrors, right? Right? (don't go dash my hopes and dreams)...

1 megawatt of power in a car weighing in at just 600kg. That's the aim. Drivers will be scanned and measured so the car can be made to fit the driver, using 3D printing tech. Gone are the open cockpits of old, team Renault will be going with an aerodynamic ultra-resistant polycarbonate canopy instead. Yes, it's a concept, but that's kind of what I'm going on about here. I like :-)

Number 4: Zoe e-Sport concept

How weird that most of the upcoming concepts are electric, huh?

Welcome everyone to the Zoe e-Sport. Riding on 20's, 0-60mph is taken care of in 3.2 seconds... 0-130mph? In 10 seconds... Yes, standstill to 130mph in TEN seconds. Weighing in at 1400kg (including the 450kg battery pack and 75kg driver), the Zoe runs on twin electric motors pushing out 454hp and 472lb-ft, all available when your big toe has an itch. Coming with a race chassis, Ohlins dampers on the corners and those 20's riding on Michelins, you'll need nappies if you wanna go for a ride.

Don't you just hate it when a car maker makes something this good, just for show, and doesn't actually make it?

Number 5: Trezor concept

Another... wait for it.... Electric concept! This time in Grand Tourer guise.

Meet the Trezor. Following the DeZir concept of 2010, the Trezor was actually the inspiration to the lines we see today on the Clio. 0-60mph in under 4 seconds. Power coming from a 350hp, 280lb-ft motor, in RWD format. At just 42.5 inches tall, it has a drag coeffient of just 0.22(same as the acclaimed drag coefficient of the new A-class Mercedes.) All about the smoothness.

Bonus: Twin'Run concept

Let's not leave the petrolheads without at least one more dead-dinosaur fueled monstrosity...

Here's the Twingo inspired "pocket-rocket" that ticks the right kind of boxes. Taking cues from the Renault R5 Turbo and the Clio V6, this demon of a little car had a 3.5 litre V6 from the Megane Trophy race car, having a healthy 316hp and 280lb-ft, sending it all to the rear wheels. Yes, mid-engined, RWD light weight hot hatch. With a 0-60 run in 4.5 seconds, going on to the 155mph top end, the Twin'Run had it all. It weighed just 950kg, plus had a better power-to-weight ratio than a Mercedes SLS AMG, at 338bhp/ton(compared to 334bhp/ton). What's not to like?

Welp, there are my picks of some awesome Renault concepts. Pick your favorite.