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Pick the Holden Owners Club header image

6 original Holden photos, all taken with love.

1y ago

You mightn't have noticed, but the Holden Owners Club on DriveTribe has had a ZB Commodore as the header image since the beginning (visible if you visit the tribe on web, not app). Anyway, I thought we could do better, so I asked for your photos. And of course, we could.

Thanks to Cody, Leo, Colin, Tom, Kenny, and Brendan for sending in their favourite shots. Even though only one will actually be the header, I enjoyed looking at them all after everyone had left the comments section.

Take a look through, and don't forget to leave your vote in the poll.


Cody Mead

Cody Mead


Leo Verrilli

Leo Verrilli


Colin Govan

Colin Govan


Tom Hartje

Tom Hartje


Kenny Watkins

Kenny Watkins


Brendan Barnes

Brendan Barnes

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Comments (28)

  • You didn’t add my Ford logo

      1 year ago
  • No. 5

      1 year ago
  • I'd pick #5,

    because it is the last connection with the sturdy forthright engineering thinking of 1960s America.

    Leaf springs, drum brakes all round, sealed beam dual filament headlights, heavy duty prop shaft, low ratio 4.44 : 1 diff, and heavy duty close ratio m21 and m22 gearboxes.

    I had one, until one of the characters in George Orwells Animal Farm stole it.

    Failing that I'd have an early 2000s one tonner.

    The buick derived V6 is one of the most sensible things Holden has ever done, and with a standard 4 spd auto or 5 speed manual, it's plain, honest, simple and sturdy.

    The ZB 5 door hatchback is not a bad car, as cars go, it's well thought out in it's interior design, and very good use of space has been made.

    Rear leg room is impressive.

    It reminds me of the Ford Telstar hatchbacks, which were a smart move by Ford.

    It drives well, and I like the reserved appearance.

    If we could get the diesel 1.6 litre wagon into Australia, it would be a nice economical family wagon.

    But the insane low profile tyres and rims on cars like the ZB and similar are going to send us broke with spinal damage, and busted tyres .

    Would be possible to order one with higher profile tyres. 16 " rims, with say 65 profile tyres , which would be more appropriate for Australias rougher outback roads.

    They would be plenty wide enough for a car of that weight.

    I had an idea , that someone like Shane Jacobsen might like to do , for a comparison test of the ZB Holden.

    Put it up against a 67 HR Holden, which was actually quite a lean fuel efficient , and well thought out car.

    An old bloke in town here has got a HR, has owned it since new.

    He reckons it will get 32 mpg around town.

    That's what the ZB reminds me of, the lean, lighter, more fuel efficient Holdens of the '60s.

    Back then, a big 186 cubic inch, or 3 litre straight six, was considered a large capacity engine.

    The smaller engine option on the HR was a 2.6 litre , or 161 cu in motor.

    So there's a bit of a compliment.

    In that regard, perhaps the ZB wagon is actually a proper Aussie family car, leaner and lighter than the previous 6 litre V8 and 3.6 litre V6s.

    I hired a ZB wagon last year and drove it up to Toowoomba to look at the new International airport.

    It is a decent highway car.

    Maybe it's a reflection for the lean financial times that Aussies go through from time to time.

    Sometimes it's fish fingers and 2 veg for dinner, and sometimes it's Spag Bol.

    Sometimes it's a thermos of tea, jam sandwiches and an apple for lunch.

    And that's ok.

    It's part of life.

    Good question, John, thanks for posting.

      1 year ago
    • 1 year ago
  • Top photos lads.

    Leo's gets my vote.

      1 year ago