Pick-up truck or supercar: Hammond and May's top 10 comments

2y ago


1) JM: “You want a supercar. Stylish, beautiful, makes you feel good.”

Andrew Gilarski: “We need a Dacia supercar.”

2) Ryan Mudd: “Mid-engined Ute. Problem solved.”

RH: “Exactly Ryan. It can be done and it can be done without looking like a nightclub owner.”

3)Tomas Covarubias: “Okay... I have an F-150 pick-up and it's the most unpractical thing in the world. I think a Lamborghini would be better”

JM: “Well done that man. Practicality is for fools.”

4) Sheila Culbert: “Bit hard to haul a load of manure in a supercar, no?”

JM: “Exactly, supercars are full of shit.”

5) James Funnell: “Don't get a pick-up, get an Alfa!”

JM: “If you own an Alfa, you need a pick-up truck as well. With a tow hitch.”

6) Claire Francis: “A pick-up truck is more practical.”

RH: “Claire, yes, yes it is. But which would you rather be seen in?”

JM: “A nappy would be quite practical. Do you want one?”

7) Tess Larsson: “Depends on where you live really, I hate when people drive pick-ups in the city. And people that own supercars and live in the countryside... they are just stupid, a supercar has no practical functions.”

RH: “Agreed. Same with Land Rovers: used properly in the country they're brilliant. In town.... Mind you, mine is often to be seen in town, so what can I say?”

JM: “Neither does a lot of fashionable clothing. But so what? A supercar is still a car. Mine is perfectly useable.”

8) Gillian Pile: “If you'd only had supercars, Richard would still be up that mountain in Canada ....”

JM: “Fine by me.”

9) RH: “The point is, to me, that both are heavily compromised as a result of their specific purpose. But how many owners use the full potential of their supercar compared with owners of pick-ups?’

Tomas Covarrubias: “Do you really tow the full capacity that your pick-up truck can stand?”

10) Sunny Lam: “Pick-ups only work in the US and US only. It's too wide, too big and too thirsty for civilization.”

JM: “Dangerous use of 'civilisation' there.”

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