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Pickup truck pulls a Mustang out of a ditch and sends it into the opposite ditch

It's definitely not a myth!

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Some prejudices are largely justified. We know for a fact that Mustang drivers are used to crashing their cars. Today, this statement is confirmed and even takes on a borderline comical twist.

The driver of a black Ford Mustang went off the road and then sent his muscle car into a ditch, classic. The person must have been surprised by the slippery surface of this winding road in Nashville, Tennessee. Fortunately, a kind soul came to his assistance.

So the Mustang was tied to a powerful Chevy pickup truck with a rope. The sports car was then gently pulled effortlessly. Unfortunately, the driver of the pickup probably underestimated the power of his vehicle. Indeed, he was a bit too greedy with the throttle.

As a result, the Mustang got out of the ditch, crossed the road and went into the opposite ditch. A somewhat logical end since no one was at the wheel of the muscle car during the operation. The Mustang finally suffered more damage than expected.


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  • Task failed successfully

      13 days ago
  • Why do most unfortunate things happen to mustangs 😂

      13 days ago
    • A great deal of affordable power without the grip to make it invulnerable

        13 days ago
    • mechanical Grip around bends were never the intention of ford engineers. This makes them right on!

        11 days ago