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Piëch's 'Mark Zero' EV Brings Innovation that Will Kill Petrol Cars for Good

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Range anxiety is the worst downside to electric vehicles simply because it takes hours to recharge and get back on the road. Well, Toni Piëch, a descendant of THE Ferdinand Piëch from VW, has solved it with a fast charging that is so fast we can call it a day.

Petrol cars have no other advantages over this car. That's it. Game over. EVs win.

How fast is it charging?

Tesla's supercharger recharges an 85kWh Battery inside the Model S up to 80% in 40 minutes. Porsche claims their technology is three times faster and can do it in 15 minutes. Mark Zero, however, can do the same thing in 4:40 minutes.

Piëch doesn't state what capacity the batter is, but judging by the range, which is 500km (311mi) it could be as big as Tesla's 100kWh pack.

It's a win-win-win

James May

It is thanks to the newly developed kind of batteries that hardly heat up at all during fast charging that Mark Zero can be ten times faster than Tesla. No heat means higher charging current as well as no need for heavy water-based cooling solutions for the battery itself. That too saves another 200kg, which results in total vehicle weight under 1,800kg.

As James May would've said: It's a win-win-win across the board!

Future-proof modular design

But that's not all. Mark Zero is designed to make it easy to swap out both hardware and software. This means that once a better technology comes on the market, it will be easy to upgrade your car just by slotting it in.

Piëch also isn't shy about pitching this to other brands. He hopes to sell the modular system to others that could make hybrids or fuel cell cars.

What's the rest of the car like?

Obviously, it's a coupe, a grand tourer, and it's absolutely gorgeous! Many startup companies are struggling with the design, they are using off-the-shelf parts, and their cars look like someone built them in a shed. But the Mark Zero is perfect in proportions, clean, tight and covered with bespoke details.

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On the performance side of it, it has three electric motors - one at the front and two at the back, for a combined output of 610hp. They power all four wheels and help it reach 60 in 3.2 seconds and on to a limited top speed of 155mph - it is a gentleman's car after all.

Thanks to the placement of the batteries (one in the center tunnel, the rest at the rear axle), weight distribution and handling are expected to be similar to that of a conventional sports car with a combustion engine.

"It's our aim to support the emotional driving experience with up-to-date technology. It's meant to help the driver but not distract him. And it's about the real sports car feeling: driving, not being driven! Of course, the vehicle architecture is geared towards autonomous driving, but we'll keep that for later models."

Future of Piëch Automotive

Other models are in the pipeline too, like a four-seater, and of course a moneymaking sporty SUV. Concepts like convertibles or pick-ups are also conceivable. All these cars will be developed and produced strictly to German quality standards.

I'm a fan already!


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