P​ininfarina Battista has 13.9 quintillion unique exterior combinations

A​utomobili Pininfarina has finally shared details of the Battista’s customisation process and it is incredible.

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I​t’s a 1900 horsepower EV which can get from 0-100km/h in under two seconds. Surely that’s impressive enough, right?

A​utomobili Pininfarina has finally shared details of the Battista’s customisation process. All customers will be invited to the refurbished Cambiano facility in order to spec their Battista in a purpose-built space situated alongside the production line.

The Pininfarina name has a storied heritage of individual cars, and the Battista continues this legacy as every vehicle will be truly bespoke by design.

Sara Campagnolo, Head of Colour and Materials Design

T​o put it simply, the Atelier space is like a Saville Row tailor for your multi-million dollar electric hyper GT. There are over 13.9 quintillion unique exterior combinations along with 128 million unique interior combinations - this level of customisation is unheard of in the automotive world.

I​f you get bored with the 56 different exterior paint finishes, you can opt to have your Battista finished in carbon fibre. In addition to this, you can also get a contrasting front end in your colour choice, different ‘Guccia’ roof colours, and more.

And don’t think this level of luxury will harm the planet. In reality, production of the multi-million dollar Battista is about as environmentally conscious as it gets. For instance, leather interior elements are tanned with olive leaves, reducing the amount of harmful chemicals used in the production of the car. Available are two different Carbon Accent Packs. There’s the standard version along with the Furiosa which features a pinstripe which outlines the more muscular parts of the bodywork. There’s also no need to worry about one of your billionaire friends copying your design as no two models of the car will be the same, making each Battista just that extra bit more special.

To help showcase the depth of the car’s customisation, Automobili Pininfarina has also shared images of the first bespoke commission. Inspired by New York City, the unique example features a red, white and blue colour theme. The car’s stunning carbon fibre bodywork uses Iconica Blu thread, a world-first for any car.

Due to the shape of some of the body panels, t​he Bianco Sestriere Pinstripe will be applied to the car by hand - this is a reminder of the careful and diligent nature of the Battista’s building process.

T​he car also features a red Exterior Jewellery Pack. This theme is then continued within the driver-focused cockpit of the car via the brushed aluminium detailing which is finished in red. Additionally, the main tri-colour scheme is also mirrored in the car’s cabin with the Iconica Blu stitching, and red and white cross stitch.

T​he exterior of the bespoke commission boasts the Furiosa Carbon Accent Pack package; giving the car side blades, a more aggressive front splitter and rear diffuser. This example also has a set of Dark Matt Grey Impulso rims which save a total of 8.9kg. According to Pininfarina, the hand painted finish for this commission will require 100s of hours of expert attention in order to meet the brand’s standards.

C​lients will be invited to the Cambiano facility to customise their Battista later on this year.

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  • Its electric. Who gives a damn how many customisation options there are.

      1 month ago
    • With the performance capabilities of this car, I'm willing to throw away any form of petrol engine. Sure it would be nice if it made some noise but how could you say no to 1900 INSTANT hursspurss

        1 month ago
    • Wow you are open minded aren't you, have you even ever driven an electric car?

        1 month ago
  • One of each please.

      2 months ago