Pininfarina develops another product for speed-mongers

No electric business here. Just water-cooling!

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From designing those gorgeous silhouettes in Ferraris and Alfas to making an electric hypercar under their name, Pininfarina has come a long way. The Italian design-house and now carmaker appears to leave no stone unturned to make their first model a significant success. Simultaneously, they try a hand in branching out as well.

Pininfarina, in association with Roux, introduced its new line of water-cooled helmets at the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis last month. Developed only for track-use, the range consists of seven helmets with prices estimated to range from $1200 to $5000, as per Car and Driver.

This new range can be segregated into two categories: open-cockpit (Formula series) and closed-cockpit (GT series). While the former comes equipped with removable aerodynamic spoilers, the latter prioritises temperature control on the inside. Although the closed-cockpit helmet gets a built-in air duct for better air circulation, both categories feature Roux’s COOL-X integrated water-cooling system.

This cooling system plugs into a CoolShirt cooler, allowing full water recirculation while maintaining “perfect-temperature 52-degree water flowing” throughout the torso and head. Not providing a bit more tech would be very 2010ish now, especially when we’ve entered a new decade. Hence, Pininfarina has additionally installed an integrated water drinking tube, speaker pods, bluetooth connectivity and an audio system made up of noise-cancelling microphone. The best part? All these helmets are “fully customizable”, says Pininfarina.

However, all that tech would be an unnecessary novelty if the helmet didn’t better safety. Fortunately, it does. Pininfarina made use of Roux’s proprietary Release system to feature quick removal in case of an emergency. According to the Italian carmaker, the HANS anchor has been placed in such a way that the new trigger and visor rotating system now “easily closes and opens in multiple positions.”

The potential buyers may have to hold on to their current helmets for a little longer than expected as these water-cooled ones won’t enter the market before October this year.

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