- Pininfarina H2 Speed Pic Credit: DriveMag

Pininfarina To Create A Zero Emission Hypercar.

28w ago


0-186 mph (300 kmph) in 11 Seconds

I know it came out earlier in the year and finally got to write about it. Italian designer and coach builder Automobili Pininfarina announced that it is working on an all electric hypercar to be released by 2020. They call it the H2 Speed. Being a hypercar its numbers are a bit crazy.

Purely based on its numbers. It is said to 0-62 mph in 3.4 seconds, 0-186 mph (0-300 kmph) in 11 seconds and a drive range of 310 miles (500 kms). All of this with 0 emissions. All in all, the numbers are very impressive. 0-186 mph numbers seem like a person can pass out in, but, thats what a hypercar is meant for - pushing the limits of speed and possibly a person may pass out.

To its functioning..it runs on a pair of electric motors and a pair hydrogen fuel cells. Its claimed to be a pure racecar and will have fast charging capabilities. For the Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Pininfarina have teamed up with a Swiss Company GreenGT. GreenGt’s fuel cell process combines hydrogen and oxygen and water will be the byproduct and will be released into the air in vaporous form. I really don’t know how it works trust me consult an engineer building it...if I do I will be a like an Idiot in front of Einstein and will still not understand a word being said. GreenGt have claimed that their Hydrogen fuel cells can be filled full in 3 minutes.

Reminds me of the Steve Mcqueen Race car from the movie Le Mans

If one takes a look at it, it reminds me of a Le Mans race car. Like the Gulf Livery Porsche 917 Steve McQueen drove in the movie called Le Mans, just a futuristic Italian version of it and its beautiful, especially the shark fin attached to the rear spoiler. It is claimed that it will even beat Noise Pollution and will give the engine compressor a very special tone. The H2 Speed will ride on Michelin Pilot Sport GT 59M (dry) and Pilot Sport GT P2L (wet) tires.

Now to some special numbers of productions and price. It is claimed to have only 12 examples and price figures haven’t been revealed but I can speculate one can purchase a Bugatti Chiron or a Koenigsegg in similar money, but, remember this is a race car.