P​ininfarina unveils the door-eliminating Teorema concept

F​uture has you walking in cars

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When it comes to design, not many can pip over Pininfarina’s CV. The most classic Ferraris, the more charming Alfa Romeos, the most elegant Lancias all have carried the pristine Pininfarina badge with them. And now, the Turin-based hypercar company-cum-design firm has shaped the vehicle of the future that gets no doors.

It’s called the Teorema, and it’s the company’s first concept developed entirely in virtual reality. The Teorema was sketched “from the inside out,” entailing the interiors were chalked up before the exteriors. The aim of such a concept was to “foster interactions amongst passengers”, which explains why the occupants’ seating is a unique 1+2+2 layout positioned in a pentagon. Just like a superhero ensemble aircraft.

Entering the Teorema was envisioned to resemble stepping inside a living room. That was made possible thanks to the car’s rear splitting up, followed by the roof-raising itself, allowing passengers to walk in and follow a foot-triggering floor that guides them to their seats. And the omission of doors has enabled the car to be made stiffer and lighter as well as occupants utilise the side of the vehicle as backrests.

The 5-seater layout changes according to the drive mode selected. Being an all-electric vehicle of the future, the Teorema having autonomous capabilities along with multiple drive modes is a given. Hence, in Autonomous mode, the driver seat swivels around and faces the other occupants. The Drive mode would see the driver positioned as one should be, with the entire cabin layered in the same colour. And the final Rest mode is where the car turns into a community space or a high-tech lounge. And did I mention the seats can also fold flat into a bench?

This futuristic concept car comes integrated with 5G, AI and Augmented reality developed by WayRay. The latter appears behind the car’s windshield and even the side windows to inform passengers on the traffic, navigation and even places of interest with virtual images. These images would be interactive, enabling occupants to explore more.

But the party piece for me is the pop-up buttons hidden under the car’s interior surface. It emerges only when the driver passes his hands over that area. Each button has a slightly different shape, allowing the driver to recognise the respective button without taking his eyes off the road.

No word on the drivetrain or power outputs yet, but the underpinnings comprise a rolling skateboard EV chassis developed by Benteler. This chassis is said to feature reduced complexity, modular traits and aims to maximise cabin space. Unlike the Battista hypercar, Pininfarina has no plans of putting the Teorema concept into production as it was a virtual design study project. The WayRay augmented reality technology, though, is most likely to find itself in upcoming production cars.

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Comments (14)

  • Well, there was already something like that back in the 70's...

      7 days ago
  • Reminds me of what the world thought the future looked like in the 80's. A bucket load of NOPE.

      7 days ago
  • Looks interesting, but weird. The front looks bad, the interior isn’t exactly beautiful either. I know they tried to make a futuristic car, but I expect way better from them

      7 days ago
  • To me, that body style reminds me of soapbox derby racers of the 1950s. Of course, this car's iteration is much cleaner and professionally designed over the unpowered racers of old, but overall, it's a pretty simply design.

      5 days ago
  • Fugly

      5 days ago