Pink on pink is not the way to spec an Aston Martin DB11

Unless you're Barbie

42w ago

2020 has just been one of those years. It has been awful, really but if you thought it couldn't get any worse then you are wrong.

I stumbled across this photo this morning and I am now currently gouging my eyes out as we speak. This appears to be the ugliest car I've ever seen. I started life as an Aston Martin DB11 and is now something you'd expect to find on Barbie's driveway.

I'm not entirely sure what the owner was thinking but class wasn't that. As you can see, the car has been wrapped in bright pink, where is perfectly acceptable but they have missed out the silver strip over the roof and that just looks stupid.

On top of that, they have added pink flowers to the wheels making them look like a giant pink stamp has landed in the wrong hands, it looks absolutely terrible. Somebody please get this car off the road.

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Comments (48)

  • That id very disheartening.

    Aston owners are meant to display taste😂

      9 months ago
  • That gotta be my cousin’s car, she is like a pink disney princess

      9 months ago
  • Hmmm

    I kinda like the pink but

    Remove those wheels and please make the roof and pillars glossy black

      9 months ago
  • Can we report this as a crime against humanity

      9 months ago
  • Those wheels!!!!!!!

    Ok, I’m not a big pink fan. If they used gloss black instead of silver on the pillar I think it might have worked. Marry that to gloss black wheels.

    Whoever did this needs beating with an egg whisk

      9 months ago