I think that all saints used to be car makers. There's no profession more gratifying and frankly, holier, than this one.

We're told that a certain vehicle, which coincidentally looks like the back of a pig's neck, will fulfill each and every need that our family can think of. We've been sold images of the perfect father or the joyous and tireless mother, driving their kids to school with an immense grin on their face. And who's to thank? The designer of the multi-utility vehicle, of course.

There's also a quite innovative touch that most European car makers have thought of. They have predicted that, in a few years, when technology will have reached its peak, humans will be able to painlessly detach their legs, place them in the boot of the hatchback and then comfortably sit in the back.

Years could pass and this subject would still be up for debate. And honestly, I do not posses the capabilities of spotting all of the motoring wonders which we have been graced with and to which, cars like the Alfa Romeo 1900 Supersprint cannot compare.

I've honestly tried to write an article about the McLaren 570S Spider, but its makers have made the mistake of overlapping the release with the one of the Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus. And guess which one I'm more interested in.



The R8 has always been close to perfection; surprisingly, I might add, given the fact that it was designed and manufactured by Germans. Now, however, the naturally aspirated V10 engine produces 602 bhp (a number which is unusually untidy for the said country) and can change gears at 8,700 rpm.

I could make up a cliché about how happy the car will make you, I could quote the fact that it has a carbonfibre-reinforced plastic spoiler and a seven-speed paddleshift gearbox to a Quattro all-wheel-drive system or I could attach another photo of it and let your mind wonder wherever it wants.

You've come to know me by now.

You've come to know me by now.

I'll just say this - Audi haven't bothered you with lies about the space in the back, simply because there isn't any, or promises about your mental health. They've made a car, they'll soon sell it and they'll let you do whatever you please with it.

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  • Thanks, I enjoyed this. And yes, we have been sold happy imagery - doesn't mean though that we're sold on the happy imagery.

      4 years ago