Pioneer Uk T6 Shoot

So shortly before my recent trip to SEMA i was contacted by ProMotiv PR who i do mainly speciality shoots for and there clients. On this occasion the client was Pioneer Uk and there automotive division. This shoot was to involve two brand new Volkswagen T6 vans converted by Rolling Homes into two top of the line Camper Vans which featured Pioneers latest head units and audio technology.

Rolling Homes top spec Columbus conversion.

The brief for this was fairly simple some basic shots of the exterior and interior and then obviously feature shots of the head unit and its modes. I split this shoot into two a day setup and night setting now the required look for the head units meant that only night shots of the dash etc where required but i shall post the day results tomorrow.

The first van is Rolling Home's all new Weekender Spec T6

Now for a project like this i like to give two over views one that shows the dashboard as a whole and then one more focused on the product its self below is a small selection of the shots i did as i had to catalogue all the modes for any possible use's required.

Wide dashboard shots

Product close up shots

The second van is one of Rolling homes best sellers and top of the line model the Columbus with this van only exteriors where predominantly required as the dashboard is exactly the same so did a couple of other creative shots.

The Rolling Homes VW T6 Columbus

To finish this article i want to leave you with a star trail shot using the Grey T6 Columbus a unique feature on these vans and there pop tops is that the front of the pop top can unzip open meaning you can sit / lay on the pop top and fully enjoy the view. My real inspiration with this shot was that of camping under the stars a small radio on the go listening to the music and just taking it all in which is the sort of feeling i really wanted to create with this final shot.

Listening to the music as i gaze longingly into the night watching the stars dance.

I hope you liked this brief blog and the 2nd part will feature the day shots tomorrow.