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Pirelli, McLaren jointly cancel Brazil's tyre test amid security concerns

1y ago


Following the security issues during the Brazil Grand Prix weekend, Pirelli and McLaren have jointly decided to cancel the 2018 tyre test, scheduled for November 14-15.

McLaren junior Lando Norris and regular driver Stoffel Vandoorne were due to drive at Interlagos, however, with a threat to the lives of the mechanics and the drivers, the decision was taken keeping the FIA and Formula 1 in the loop.

Pirelli released a statement which read: "Following a robbery attempt, neutralized by Pirelli security, on a Pirelli van at the Interlagos circuit last Sunday – after a weekend where similar episodes occurred with other teams – it has been decided to cancel the tyre test planned on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 on the Brazilian circuit with McLaren.

"The decision, shared with McLaren, FIA and Formula 1, was made in the interest of the safety of the personnel, both McLaren’s and our own, who would have participated in the test."

McLaren added: "We have jointly decided with Pirelli to cancel this week’s tyre test at Interlagos. The safety of our people has always been our top priority, and, given recent events, we felt that it was an unnecessary risk to proceed."

The weekend was marred with such instances, with Lewis Hamilton speaking up for his Mercedes mechanics, who were first attacked on gun point upon their return from the track to the hotel - where fortunately no one was hurt, even though valuables were stolen.

Similar attacks were attempted on Williams and Sauber, with the FIA personnel also being targeted. The latest to be at the receiving end were the Pirelli crew, when robbers attempted to stop their car on Sunday night - after the grand prix - but luckily they were able to escape.

Security was beefed up over the weekend following the attacks, with the FIA also releasing a circular alerting the media and the teams to take safety precautions while traveling back and forth the circuit.

This is not the first instance of an attempted robbery, with several incidents reported over the years during the grand prix event - adding to the concern of the teams, drivers and even the FIA and FOM.

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