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Sometimes, however, they can work out perfectly. In this instance, an 11pm on Saturday decision worked out better than I could have imagined.

I’d seen the Pistonheads event pop up on Facebook and though I might go up to get some photos of the cars on track, thinking it was only a trackday, boy was I wrong, turns out it was their Sunday service meet. For those not familiar, (as I wasn’t), it’s a gathering of a massive amount of cool cars and enthusiasts, in this case, at Silverstone.

The turnout on a chilly Sunday morning was absolutely fantastic, with cars from all markets and types filling the car park and paddock areas.

After parking up, my eyes were immediately drawn to the orange exterior and massive wing on this M6, done in the style of a GTS.

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Paired up with an equally huge wing on this 350Z, aggressive.

In the Pistonheads community, as with a lot of car people, the 911 is held in high regard, so there were… quite a few present. Like this red GT3.

..and a 991 Carrera GTS.

White GT3 with red belts, it just looks right!

A classic 964.

As someone who’s not normally a fan of silver cars, this GT3 looked stunning!

You can’t really beat an orange GT3RS…

Unless it’s with a purple 991 GT3RS perhaps!

Or one I’ve never seen before, bright yellow with some black accents, this really stood out.

This stripped out and caged example does it for me, a classic shape and purpose.

One more GT3RS for good measure.

Here’s something I never expected to see, the ‘widowmaker’ itself, the GT2, essentially a cross between a GT3RS and a Turbo, crazy power and a great setup for track, amazing.

There were also a few Cayman GT4’s, one of the most sought after sports cars right now, if anyone has one, please take me out in it!

This guy had the right idea, spanking it round the Silverstone national circuit.

The lightweights were well represented too, like this X bow, bathed in carbon fibre.

…and this Caterham.

..A K20A Ariel Atom.

Along with a Zenos E10 – which variety I am unsure, very cool nonetheless.

The Ultima GTR is one of the most extreme machines I’ve ever seen in person. It’s just a racecar for the road!

Nobles of all variety were on show too.

Including the M600, which I think may have been one of Nobles’ own cars? Correct me if I’m wrong! Absolutely beautiful in person.

Next to it was this stunning Ferrari, I absolutely love the rear of these!

You can see the pair of these leaving at the below video:

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Across the road was this pair of prancing horses, a 458 and a 488, I like how the 488 looks more angular than its predecessor.

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McLaren’s 650S was a welcome addition, its smooth, flowing lines ooze class and purpose.

Then we have these two brutes, looking angry and ready to pounce with aggressive styling all over.

Whatever you say about Mercedes using turbos for their new sports cars, you can’t deny how great they look.

Of course, they haven’t always been so elegant, the boxy shape of the 190E is an icon though!

The classics were out in force, some real trend setters.

The classic Mustang was a real showstopper, even ripping a burnout on the way out, naughty!

*Tips hat*

When I saw this hakosuka skyline roll in, I nearly fell over, absolutely one of my favourite cars of all time.

But he wasn’t alone, Datsun power!

A white R34 GTR? Got you covered, this even had aggressive canards on the front to add to it’s already aggressive face.

I spotted this super clean R32 as well, I’d love to own one of these in the future but I think prices have gone nuts since the US have been allowed to import them.

I believe these cars were from Toyota UK, complete with crazy liveries, a throwback to their racing days. Wicked!

A couple of cars across from where I was parked was this immaculate CSL, these things are a real rarity now and are demanding a strong premium over a normal E46 M3.

I think I’m right in saying this is the first one of these I’ve seen in person, very cool cars, like Alfa’s answer to the Exige(ish)?

Talking of which, Lotus were certainly popular at the event.

With Evoras, Exiges, Elises, everything!

With an S2 Exige potentially being on the cards for the Starlike fleet next, it was great to speak to the owner of this S3 who has certainly been using it correctly. He’s been to loads of trackdays and events with it, perhaps we’ll have a story on that soon……?

I really can’t get over what an amazing day this was, with such a rich variation of cars and people, with all of them being incredibly friendly.

I really must congratulate Pistonheads on such a brilliant event, I’ll certainly be heading to some more in the future.

On that note, please head over to www.flickr.com/photos/jaydaniels/sets/72157675514115406/page1 link to see the rest of the photos from the day, there really are too many to post on here. You can also see a few track photos at www.flickr.com/photos/jaydaniels/sets/72157672059668223 - stay tuned for a few videos from the day as well.

As always, stay tuned on our social media, all being 'starlikeuk'. Thanks for reading!

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