'Plaid' Powertrain Tesla Model S is fastest saloon around laguna Seca

1w ago


Welcome everyone to the weird world of "Tesla Tweets". While a week ago Elon Musk teased all of us of the incoming Tesla Model S Nurburgring effort, the special 'Plaid powertrain and chassis' prototype tried its hand at Laguna Seca and became the fastest four door saloon to go round the track.

It broke the record with a brisk lap time of 1:36.555, which makes it a second faster than the Jaguar XE SV Project 8.

The 'Plaid' powertrain has had quite a start with this record-breaking stint. But how is it special? Well this means that now a Model S will be getting the same triple motor setup as a Tesla Roadster.

This run though is no kind of a distraction from the Nordschleife run as Tesla do have a 30-minute private slot booked at the ‘Ring on 21 September, when the Model S P100D+’-badged car is expected to break the record.

What do you think of this Record?

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