P​lan your own grand tour adventure and win TribeCoins

W​here would you go?

10w ago

W​e’ve all watched Clarkson, Hammond and May travelling the word while driving some incredible, or sometimes incredibly stupid, cars and imagined doing something similar ourselves. Now it’s time to share your imaginary adventure with everyone.

H​ow can I win the coins?

J​ust tell us in the comments where you’d go on your adventure and the more details the better, so where are you going, in what vehicles, who’s with you, and what activities will happen along the way?

T​he most liked comment will win 250 TribeCoins and my 3 favourites will get 10 each.

C​ompetition closes 26/12/2020

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Comments (74)

  • Me and 2 friends going on a road trip across 1000 miles of China in 3 replica cars bought for under $5000 to see if they are any good

      2 months ago
  • Me , Aaron ( ) and a friend, will drive across Australia, from West to East in a C63s AMG, an Aston V8 Vantage and a Bentley Continental GT. We will have to complete challenges like mine racing and so on, and our main goal is to find the Coleman Hot Mess Express and the Pink Bentley Bentayga that spotted. The loser has to drive a Pink Bentayga , daily, for a week.

      2 months ago
  • Me and the boys will attempt the longest driveable distance on earth without taking a ferry (from Sagres, Portugal to Khasan, Russia) in 1000€ French hatchbacks whilst facing various challenges along the way (such as a race around an industrial zone in Poznan, Poland and a drag race in Bordeaux, France. If your car doesn't make it you will have to continue in a damaged Ford KA with a penis painted on the side. The winner gets to drop one of the other's cars from a plane, and the loser has to cross the border into North Korea where they have to stay for two days. This will be an extremely harsh challenge to complete and the crew might get some abuse for driving a car with a penis on the side😂

      2 months ago
  • Paris-Dakar rally. Any route, any car+upgrades under 50K. First one to Dakar wins

      2 months ago
  • The episode starts in Dubai, where the Trio ( Me , a friend and ) picks a car from a selection of three SUV's, a Mercedes G63 AMG, a Ford Raptor, and a Lexus LX. The day starts in Dubai where we review our cars and do normal "Dubai Stuff" in them, like carrying some exotic pets. Then the next challenge is the empty quarter test, where we offroad and do crazy stuff. But the producers ( me ) has one last challenge for us .

    " There is a lamp in the desert, and there are clues littered everywhere, we must start in Dubai and go up to Saudi Arabia , where we might find the lamp".

    The person who finds the lamp last, has to drive the Rover CityRover for a week.

    I would pick the G-Wagen, because I am an AMG fanboi.

      2 months ago