Play Desert Storm in Surrey with a Hummer H1

2y ago


The Gulf War and its aftermath dominated the news for a big portion of our New Era heroes' heyday, and that meant serious screen time for a brutal military truck that looked like a Lamborghini LM002 after three months of beasting at the gym.

Suddenly its maker, AM General, was getting requests for a civilian version of the M998 Humvee, and in 1992, came up with what retrospectively became known as the H1.

Forget the H2 and H3 fakes that followed. This thing was the real deal. I mean, just look at it. R107 Merc SL owners keep a hardtop hanging in the garage but this looks like there's probably an anti-aircraft gun back at home waiting to be fixed to the roof.

With 37in tall tyres and portal axles that offset the running gear for better ground clearance, these things can drive over a 22in step, climb a 60 degree slope and wade through 76cm of water.

And at 2.2m wide, you'll be lucky to fit it in your street, never mind your garage. The fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger owned one pretty much sums it up.

This one on eBay has the 6.5-litre GM diesel V8 and four-speed 'box, which are pushed so far into the interior it looks like the centre console has elephantisis.

With that and the huge split, vertical windscreen the driving environment appears more like the bridge of a ship than a car interior.

The engine only puts out around 195bhp, but there is 430lb ft of torque to help battle the 3200kg kerbweight. That, however, is one war this car can't win: a 0-60mph of 16sec means you'd get outdragged by 1.0 superminis - though you could always get your own back by driving over them at the next set of lights.

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