- Credit: Spin Lab AG & Instituto Ayrton Senna

Play the official Ayrton Senna Minigame in Senna 360!

Supporters of the Brazilian legend can also play the Senna 360 retro-style minigame "World Championship".

Besides the very cool Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and high fidelity 3D features, Ayrton Senna's official virtual museum app also has a retro-style Minigame. Fans of the Brazilian legend can compete in the "World Championship" with the character of Ayrton Senna, racing on a track full of obstacles. Piles of tyres, helmets of Senna's biggest rivals and moving track parts are among the challenges that face the players, whose goal is to gain points by collecting coins and power-up items.

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Credit: Spin Lab AG & Instituto Ayrton Senna

If you haven't downloaded Senna 360, get the app right now and join the contest!

Download Senna 360 (Android and iOS): https://download.senna360.org/

Senna 360 web experience: https://www.senna360.org/

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    • Project Cars 2! amazing realism and selection of cars!

        1 year ago
    • Assetto Corsa, for sure. The realism is great and the mod support is great as well.

        1 year ago
  • I don’t have a PC Gaming Rig so for me Gran Turismo Sport

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  • Test drive unlimited 2

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  • Grid 2 is my favourite, also Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo was great fun to play

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