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Happy Valentine's Day!

3y ago

Often I hear the sentiments of two camps of people as Valentine's Day approaches - the ones that are looking forward to it, and the ones that dread it. Divided often by the pleasure and delight received in celebrating the day, or by painful memories or general dislike of "mushiness". For many Christians around the world it is also the start of Lent, so you can add on top of the already complex issues thoughts of repentance.

These 3 P's come up a lot on DriveTribe. The pleasure we get from a great spot, great race, chance meeting of a professional driver, or our own exploits in driving and building our vehicles. The pain we get from accidents, breakdowns, unreliability. We may feel penitent for defying the regular maintenance schedule, causing dings and dents, or having unmentionable thoughts about the inadequacy of our daily drivers.

As part of #whatwewant I am eager to explore relationships and motor vehicles. Recently Patricia Pedrosa brought her chat fans' attention to the poll regarding handbrake turns.


NO - handbrake turns are not seductive.*

* when done by Joe/Joan Schmo as the only piece of driving skill he/she has to try to impress me.

As an incidental easy-peasy little thing for a chuckle by someone diversely skilled...that's a whole other ball of carnauba wax.

International handbrake turn day

In the Motor Muses chat I (half) joked a proposal that we institute "International Handbrake Turn Day" officially every February 14th as a more scientific means of answering whether or not people are seduced by handbrake turns. The premise being that in a few years we could tally the birth rates in October, compare them to pre-IHTD numbers, and have our answer.

...this will take a while. Some expressed concern about the lack of qualified individuals to run experiments with. So, for those who would like a speedier answer for their own concerns, I suggest a Valentine's binge watch of a show that should still be running, but isn't - Octane Academy.

Logos credited to Ford, Ford Motorsports, and Fuel TV

Logos credited to Ford, Ford Motorsports, and Fuel TV


I watched this show on Fuel TV (FS2) back when it premiered in 2012 and had its second (and last) season in 2013. Produced by Ford Motorsports in conjunction with Fuel TV, Octane Academy was a competition-reality show where selected amateur entrants vied for a spot in one of 4 "camps" presided over by professional "Ford Action Motorsports stars", these stars coached them and they battled the other camps to decide which amateur would be the ultimate champion, outfitted with prizes such as a swanky little F150 SVT Raptor, admired by all and supposedly be fast-tracked into the world of professional drivers. Hosted by Todd Richards (of snowboarding fame), with Executive Producer Brian Deegan.

Is it all driving? No. Is it all American? Very much so. If you can't deal with Ford-Ford-Ford and/or the stars' other sponsorships such as Monster Energy and RockStar Energy in your face, don't bother. Otherwise, if you're anything like me, just hearing the lineup of professionals that are on the show gives you a bit of "the fizz" - you are in for a treat or maybe not.

Warning it can be an emotional experience! Will it be pleasurable? Because you think its awesome and are rooting for your favorite Schmo. Painful? Because it sucks you missed out on being a competitor. Penitential? Because it reminds you to forgive yourself for your track day errors and beg the forgiveness of your daily when you beat it on the dash for its body roll and lackluster launch, or because you have impure thoughts toward one (or more!) of the drivers due to being utterly seduced by their maneuvers.

Snuggle up with someone this Valentine's Day and watch Octane Academy as a way of saying "I want you to do THAT with me' or 'let me show where the bar is'. Only after reviewing your favorite Grand Tour episode, of course!

Post your musings afterward here. And Happy Valentine's Day!


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    • 3 years ago
    • Hahaha happy IHTD !!! Thanks for finding the name of the show !!

        3 years ago
    • You're very welcome, and a Happy IHTD to you too! Enjoy!

        3 years ago
  • Hey! I found the name of the show!!!

      3 years ago
    • You know what, somebody should make a driving reality show again. Get losers like me and make them drive to the limit. That would be fun.

        3 years ago
    • Cool! Do you mean from my article or somewhere else? Is it another show?

        3 years ago
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    • Thanks so much!

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    • Sorry I took so long to see it. Also, if you want to make that video link viewable on DT, there‚Äôs a tool on Studio called Embed. All you have to do is select it, then paste that link. :)

        3 years ago