- Hero image, video, pictures, art, text, and errors by: Chris Breeden

Plymouth 'cuda

This red fish made the swim all the way up to the 2019 GoodGuys Nashville Nationals, from Louisiana. This is one fine jambalaya of Mopar goodness!

Those modern, chrome wheels, with knock offs just look like they belong on this car.

The 'cuda 340 badge on the hood lets everyone know just what they are dealing with when they pull up next to it at a red light.

This is one dangerous looking front end.

Those large rear tires look like they are aching to hit the pavement!

I have to admit that I am a little biased towards 'cudas. I've never owned one, but if I was to ever take a notion to buy a Chrysler Muscle car, it would have to be a 'cuda over the other offerings from the era!

Keep on Cruisin'!

Art by: Chris Breeden

Thanks for reading and for watching!