The Audi RS3 is a 367PS hatchback that will take you from 0-100 km/h in only 4.3 seconds! This is faster than an Audi R8.

It looks pretty much like an A3. That's because it is one.

OK, so it’s faster than the first gen 4.2l V8 R8. But still, the Audi RS3 is more powerful than an E46 M3 CSL. It is even faster too, thanks to its Quattro all-wheel drive system. Audi just did what it does best. Taking a car that is not supposed to go that fast, and put powerful engine in it. Take the RS4 for example, it is meant to be a standard family estate car. Instead, they put a bi-turbo V6 in place, and it became one of the best super-estates in the world. And Audi basically applied this special treatment with nearly all its range. Thank God the mighty A2 did not get the privilege.

Is it the world’s most expensive Golf? Not really.

Jonathan Yarden

So, what is an Audi RS3? What all started as a Golf is now one of the most powerful hatchbacks in the world. Yes, the MQB platform comes from a Golf. So, is it the world’s most expensive Golf? Not really. You can feel that Audi did the necessary adjustments to make the RS3 a proper Audi sports car. And it all starts with the interior. It is so German, and so perfect. Everything is where it is supposed to be. Except the volume button. Why does it have to be right next to the gear leaver? Can’t you put it where everyone else puts it?
Anyway, the built quality is perfect, the infotainment is perfect, and the drive modes are perfect. From the simple touch of a button, this car goes from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. Have we found the perfect car?

It doesn't look like it could destroy a 911. It can.

The RS is the direct evolution of the 300PS Audi S3. But the 4 cylinder 2.0l engine grew up to become the Audi-special 5 cylinder 2.5l. If want to know how it sounds, it simple, take a rally car and it will be similar. But let’s not forget the fact that this is an Audi A3. So, what you get is a 5-door with a decent boot rather discrete compact car. It is a car that you can use every day. But should we?

We love the seats that look like a Chanel handbag

Jonathan Yarden

The RS3 is a phenomenal dragster. But do not expect it to go through turns. The heavy engine will try to kill you with understeer. Also, is Audi trying to destroy your back? We love the seats that look like a Chanel handbag, but we hate these harsh suspensions.
Last but not least, we hate the future second-hand RS3 buyers. When this car will turn out to be cheap with over 150’000km. This will eventually happen. Literally the crème de la crème of the drivers will take a lease on this one.

Except the huge exhaust system, the car really blends in.

But for the moment you are OK. You still have a few years ahead. So, if you want to experience one of the fastest hatchbacks ever, the Audi is for you. The RS3 is a fabulous sports car, and even though it is not perfect, you must admit that destroying a 911 with an A3 at the red light is pretty cool.

Audi RS3

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to J.A for letting me drive, shoot, and review his car.

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