Podcast Episode 23 - Are Concept Cars Just A C*cktease?

November car news, the Tokyo Motorshow highlights (and duds), a rant about front number plates, concerns about insurance, and concept car frustration.

3y ago

Car News - November 2017

Tesla aren't looking so hot right now with their autonomous tech falling behind along with their production schedule and quality control. Worse still, they have come bottom of all electric car manufacturers in the 2017 UK Reliability Survey.

We have a good LOOL about the new London T-charge now that diesel vehicles are rightfully being targeted. It turns out Oxford wants to ban all fossil fuel cars, Honda have sold a ridiculous number of 50cc mopeds, and Nissan might be killing of the mighty Z.

BECAUSEJPN: 2017 Tokyo Motorshow Special

It's a BECAUSEJPN special this time round since the 2017 Tokyo Motorshow has happened. There's lots to get excited about and some duds that need pointing out too. We're particularly excited about a car designed for OAPs and a personal transportation vehicle that looks like a butt plug - stay wacky Japan! V(>_<)V

What The F*ck Is Going On With Front Numberplates?

We don't appreciate it's the law to have a clearly displayed front number plate, we respect it's part of the design aesthetic of cars. So, why do some people seem to go to great lengths not to have one and, worse still, come up with solutions that look ten times worse?

Is Car Insurance Stupid, Just Stupid, For Sheds?

Listen up, if you don't drive a rare car, you need to know what the impact of crashing into one really is. Plus, if you are driving one, you need to think about how your insurance company is going to behave in response to even the most minor of dings.

Are Concept Cars Just A C*cktease?

You know the drill; motorshow takes place, manufacturers roll out some wobbly clay fantasies that tickle our pickles. Three years later we get some middle of the road abomination nobody wants. Just what the hell is going on? We try to work it all out and look toward what might be a less frustrating future.

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