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Podcast: Russell on DTM, Albon relationship, career turning point & more

George Russell featured in the latest F1: Beyond The Grid podcast, in which he talked about his DTM drive, his relationship with Albon & more.

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The host of the show, Tom Clarkson, asked Russell about his feelings after the first triple-header as he responded with positive intent, particularly after Hungary - a race at which his pace was strong.

He discussed his history with the Hungaroring and specifically, his test with Mercedes back in 2018, in which he broke the lap record. On a similar note, he covered how he became part of Mercedes, even after he thought he would have to go the way of DTM. In doing so, he shared an anecdote of his first proper conversation with Toto Wolff at an awards show in 2015.

He also answered the tough question of whether or not he'd be ready for a top drive were he to be called up - and Russell didn't hesitate to reply, 'yes'. The young driver cited his strides in performance on a personal level, before discussing Williams' obvious improvement over the F1 off-season.

Later, Russell spoke on the pace of his teammate Nicholas Latifi, who he says has impressed him in the early races - he was, however, complimentary of his previous teammate Robert Kubica, whom he says he has learned a lot from. After this, Russell addressed his relationship with Alex Albon, and his remarks on the Thai driver after the Hungarian GP qualifying.

He was hesitant to react to previous comments from Claire Williams, who said that he bested any of the other Williams drivers in history, before discussing his relationship with Sir Frank Williams - a team principal who has worked with all of the F1 teams' drivers.

After this, he told the story of his first trip to Silverstone, and discussed where the track ranks among those on the calendar. As the podcast neared its end, Russell covered the sim racing in the lockdown period, and explained why so many drivers were able to come out of their respective shells.

On the greater topic of driver expression in the media, Russell proposed a camera angle that shows the faces of drivers, rather than a communications system between drivers as some have proposed. He feels the whole Albon episode showed why drivers are reserved in media. Russell also spoke about a turning point in his career in the junior championships with regards to his driving style and approach to races.

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[​This story was written by me for FormulaRapida, and edited by Darshan Chokhani]

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