Polestar 1 by Sekrit Studios: From Need for Speed ​​in the SEMA Show 2019

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Except for their Polestar models, even before becoming a brand of their own, the Volvo had not been characterized for transmitting aggressiveness and sportiness. With the arrival of Polestar as a brand that has begun to change a bit, although they still have the same elegant Swedish design. That is why the presentation of the new installment of Need For Speed, the NFS Heat, surprised to show as a "leading car" a Polestar 1 whose appearance can only be labeled as scary.

Khyzyl Saleem.

A version of this hybrid coupe full of aerodynamic elements, gigantic wheel arches and an extravagant rear wing divided into two. It is a model created by designer Khyzyl Saleem that will even be the cover of the game and that to the surprise and amazement of many will not remain in the virtual world.

A wild and very real creation

Because this same and wild Polestar is being built by a company called Sekrit Studios. For almost a month they have been showing us through Instagram the process of manufacturing a job that made it clear to what extent the original Polestar 1 was going to change.

Many things have changed since the first visit to its assembly. What before only the installation of those colossal wheel arches in a model that was otherwise standard has already become a practically finished model: Its body is already painted, the various aerodynamic elements such as the wild splitter of the front, The hood full of air intakes as in other areas of the car are already almost fully installed. It just seems to be missing that curious rear wing that promises to be a spectacle to see it live.

Transformation in less than a month for the SEMA Show 2019

The most striking of all is that this complex transformation process shown by the people of Sekrit Studios on their social networks has taken less than a month.

We do not know if there will also be improvements in its performance, although with 600 hp and 1,000 Nm of maximum torque of its plug-in hybrid system and a monocoque chassis made of high strength steel and CFRP (polymer reinforced with carbon fiber) we do not believe that it does much lack.

The wait finally ends and today November 5 will be revealed at the SEMA Show 2019 in Las Vegas, although it is already surprising that Sekrit Studios has a Polestar 1 in its hands when the production of this model began in late August. How could they get one so fast?

Khyzyl Saleem.

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