P​olestar Announces Project 0, A Plan to go Carbon-Neutral by 2040

P​roject 0 also outlines a carbon-neutral vehicle by 2030.

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1​. Polestar has announced Project 0, a plan to go completely carbon-neutral by 2040.

2​. Project 0 also includes a carbon-neutral vehicle by 2030, but further details have yet to be released.

3​. Polestar will reach its 2040 goal by eliminating carbon output from its entire production process, not offsetting it by planting trees.


P​olestar has announced Project 0, a plan to launch a carbon-neutral vehicle by 2030 and have a completely carbon-free brand by 2040. The news comes as part of the automaker's sustainability report, and these ambitious goals will be achieved in a unique way. Rather than offsetting its emissions by planting trees, a strategy exercised by others in the industry, Polestar will aim to remove carbon from its entire manufacturing process.

T​he intent to go carbon-neutral is a fairly new idea, and other automakers such as Subaru, Volkswagen, and Ford have set goals for 2050. General Motors, on the other hand, is more similar to Polestar in that it will go carbon-neutral by 2040 and stop production of light-duty gasoline vehicles by 2035.

P​olestar didn't detail its carbon-neutral vehicle that's slated to come by 2030, and it's unclear whether it will be based on a current model. The brand has a lot in the works, after releasing its hybrid coupe and all-electric sedan, it plans to put the Precept concept on the road as well as the 3, an electric SUV.

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Comments (2)

  • Interesting. As the only current fuel source with carbon neutral potential (manafacturing prospcesses can't be carbon neutral, even with renewable energy etc) are synthetics and they are incredibly inefficient (for now), what powers this carbon neutral thing will interest me a lot.

      1 month ago
  • Ah to go fully carbon neutral you will have to sack the humans who assemble the car as they emit small amounts of carbon dioxide when they breathe out and they release another deadly gas to the environment from the other air release hole

      28 days ago