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Polish Company Triggo unveil a competitor to the Twizzy

The Polish EV maker unveiled its new car today and you can easily adjust its width

1y ago

The Polish automaker is entering the same space as the Renault Twizzy with its new Triggo City car which is a two seater all electric and it's very cute. It also has a trick up its sleeve in that you can adjust the wheel width from 148 cm to 86 cm.

The idea is that this cute little EV will be perfect for scooting around Europe's small streets in an eco-friendly way, which could be ideal for ride sharing. The pre-production version was recently unveiled by the company and they state that they are ready to start full production and rollout at some point in 2021.

The vehicle's adjustable wheels will make it perfect for parking and for whipping through traffic jams, while still being inside a structure making it safer than a motorbike. The range is slated to be around 100 km but price is yet to be announced. This is definitely one to watch.

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