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Poll: Are JDM cars over rated?
  • No they are genuinely good cars.
  • Decent enough cars.
  • They are over rated.

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Comments (3)

  • They are genuinely good cars and im a JDM fan to the core. It just annoys me when people think the 2JZ and RB26DETT is all that japan made. Great engines but there’s a lot more out there that have their own characteristics. It just seems like people only think that Japan made the A80 supra, Skyline GTR and RX7

      1 month ago
  • I voted that they were genuinely good cars, but it is true that many are overrated(like the stock a80 supra) JDM cars are great because of the aftermarket avilability they have, not only they usually were reliable and affordable, but now they've been around long enough for upgrades to be tested to perfection and still be cheaper than OEM parts.

      1 month ago


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