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The premise of 'grid girls' has become an increasingly controversial issue in more recent years. As the Formula 1, and indeed, motorsport world has begun to recognise women as sporting and business equals in more recent times, the idea of grid girls has become more thorny.

In Monaco 2015 we saw grid boys rather than grid girls, and Formula E recently used grid kids as a new approach to this pre-race format.

There are lots of other things that need to be changed in Formula 1 concerning rules and regulations, that may make this debate seem rather insignificant, but it is an interesting one nonetheless.

For the record, I think it should be open to any age and any gender. Liberty Media is trying to make the sport more open, why can't this apply here? Offer competitions for fans to play the role of grid boy/girl/kid. Remember though that these are still people's jobs that we are talking about, so it must be taken into consideration that some of these women may well want a say in what the future holds for their roles.

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  • Imagine being a woman (or a young girl) looking for representation of your gender in the sport and (unless you dig around a lot) you're only met with pictures of lightly dressed women - giving off an image that all women are good for is standing around decoratively in short skirts while all the men do the "real work." It is an outdated concept and F1 should get rid of. So either mix up the genders and put them in smart clothes, or get rid of them all together.

      2 years ago
  • I've thought for a long time that they could go down a similar route to how football have the youngster as mascots before the games. Fantastic for the kids and could be run as competitions before each race, thus generating more (positive) publicity for F1 in the process

      2 years ago
    • There is definitely scope to change the format. I think opening it up as a competition is something that could boost fan engagement. I would argue that some people are too quick to say that women shouldn't be doing it, there may be women who...

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        2 years ago
  • Change to robots. Maybe they can do a race or a fight afterwards....

      2 years ago
  • Get rid of the grid girls, if they can take the halo with them on the way out.

      2 years ago
  • I see nothing wrong with grid girls. The real problem is the lack of women driving the cars. If a young girl goes looking for representation of their gender in three years they won't find it at all. It'll be kids holding up the grid, and men driving. Get more women behind the wheel.

      2 years ago