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Poll: How many different colors does Lamborghini offer?
  • 24 different colors
  • 39 different colors
  • 34 different colors
  • 96 different colors
  • Another amount of colors that I will leave in comments

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  • This poll was made by Alexander age 7 and help from a grown up.

      10 months ago
  • I did a bit of counting with the Aventador S, and yes they provide 39 paint schemes... But I'm not sure about other cars...

      10 months ago
    • We did some research as well and decided on the poll format because there was a lack of complete information. Cheers Josh. This one was developed and written by my nephew.

        10 months ago
  • Fast and Quick

      10 months ago
  • The people on the factory tour in Italy told me you could have any color you want, so I’d say the color choice is infinite.

      10 months ago


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