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  • this is just a bunch of 12yr old jdm fan bois with their r34 sh!t

      20 days ago
  • What about the R33 😢

      2 days ago
  • 1st: R32 GTR. 2nd: R33. 3rd: R35. 4th: R34

      26 days ago
    • Order of preference 😁

        26 days ago
    • lol there’s a reason why i put the r34 last. It isn't as good as an M3, and it kept getting the credits it doesn’t deserve, which made the the real Skyline GTR - R32 - look bad, and obscuring the R33

        26 days ago
  • Best era? Or best model? Either way I chose the “Godzilla/RB26DETT” era for obvious reasons I guess

      26 days ago
  • R33 is where it’s at, mainly because they aren’t 1 million pounds yet

      27 days ago


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