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  • It isn't available where I live. It would be nice if it was available everywhere, not just in the UK.

      10 days ago
    • Check reddit. There are a few groups who have posted the episodes. Stupid Discovery. I already pay for Discovery+ but now they've led me to pirate it because its not in America

        7 days ago
  • Unlike other similar TV programmes, the real nature of the work and pressures came through. No pantomime or silliness. Provided there's a suitable angle to it and the TV production doesn't interfere with the running of the repairs (e.g. repeatedly asking things such as "Could you do that again? We need a close up") and the fly-on-the-wall nature is preserved, then I'd really like a second series.

      9 days ago
    • It is easy to get plenty of footage when one has a task that takes a month with several people working on it, and everything gets crammed into an hour episode. Surely there will be some outtakes, or test fits, but that is also part of the...

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        3 days ago
  • I hope it comes back for a second season. Or, perhaps an after Christmas continuation of the current season. The first season was all watching and waiting for him to get the shop going. Then he finally opened the doors and started his Bentley... and crickets....

      3 days ago