POLL: Would you give back the lead and miss out on F1 tickets?

Kart racer Robbin van den Brink had been right on the tail of the race leader from turn one. In the final lap, he saw a gap and made his move.

3y ago

Imagine you've just qualified second on a kart race that awards the winner two tickets to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (including transportation). In the race that follows you're tailing the race leader, who is unable to create a gap and is defending for dear life. Then take into consideration how difficult it is to overtake on an indoor kart track in the first place, with lots of narrow corners and zero power difference because you're both running the stock (electric) Coronel karts.

So my guess is, when the space for an overtake finally presents itself in the final lap of the race, we would all go Verstappen on the race leader. Now the question is, after seeing the video of his overtake, was @Robbin348 right by giving back his position, missing out on his chance to visit the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?

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Comments (2)

  • I think you will find the lead kart gave the line up as kart 2 was more than half way past at the apex of the corner.

      3 years ago
    • I agree, indoor karting is not circuit racing.

        3 years ago