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Polls of the Week | 18-w48

See the latest Polls of the Week 48 of 2018! The best of Poll contents here!

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Another Week, another episode Polls of the Week! This Week it has been very cool creative and interesting Polls published, here comes the best I could get together.

Here is the last weeks episode and my Tribe where you can post any Poll or Quiz you like!

Your welcome in the fun tribe!

Poll Tribe of the Week:

We kick of with the Poll-Tribe of the Week, which goes to Mr Klush and his Tribe Car VS Car! Its a simple Poll Tribe where you decide simply between two competitors (Cars of course) CAR vs CAR!

Here is the latest Post to look at:

Check it out, a real recomendation from me! The Tribe is simple and thats simple fun!

Fun Factor!

All the other cool Polls of this Week

What type of fuel do you like most. Mr Klush

Whats the greatest Italien car from the 90´s?. Brady Shilt

Whats the greatest German car from the 90´s?. Brady Shilt

Whats the greatest British car from the 80´s? Brady Shilt

Your favorite Midsized Pickup? Louis Wahl

Whats your Definition of the Perfect Drive? Chris Lynd

EV in classic car or normal classic? Chris Lynd

What do you think of the Mercedes AMG GT R Pro? Dennis Berkhout

Which EV BRand would you buy from? Sophie Jordan

Is the Ferrari Classic or Junkyard? David Spence

Which of these LArge SUV would you buy? Mike Fernie

What is the greatest Japanese car of the 2000´s? Brady Shilt

Which of these Cars would you take? Sophie Jordan

Best way of Transport in a City? Chris Lynd

Most Beautiful car in the World? Chris Lynd

What race would you like to take part in? Thomas Quintard

What Challenges do you want to see in the Grand tour Season 3? Thomas Quintard

Check these Polls out, there is plenty of content that covers any interest! Have fun and we see us in The Fun Tribe!

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