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Last weeks episode has been a huge success and you surely couln´t wait to todays newest episode of Polls of the Week! So here we go, enjoy these great pieces of Work done by you!

This week there has been such a lot content that I have no Idea if there is something I missed out, and I am sure there is! So If you have any Poll in mind you have seen this week on DT and it isn´t on this list- make sure to repost them all to the Fun Tribe so I can add them next week!

Repost any cool Poll to The Fun Tribe, Thanks ;)

Today we cick off with the Poll-Tribe of the Week!

Poll Week of the Week: Classic or Junkjard!

Congrats´ to @Natash Cramer , Tribeleader

This Tribe is all about saying if the Cars ar Junk or Classics (one day). Its brand new and only started this Week! Thats why this is the Tribe of the Week to me, Join in! The Tribe is open to all

Here are some examples

Moving on...all the other Polls of the Week!

As I said, there have been a lot of Polls this week. I have all reposted them to my Tribe The Fun Tribe so I have them in one place, anyway lets move on!

Which Top Gear Version do you like? @Thomas Quintard

Best Lambo? @Natash Cramer

Do you like the Cygnet? @Dennis Berkhout

Which Continental Version? Dennis Berkhout

Favorite French Supercar? Thomas Quintard

How do you waste time till Season 3 starts? Victoria Zip

Favorite 911 Generation? Dennis Berkhout

Your Getaway Off Roader? Chris Breeden

What do you want for Christmas? Chris Lynd

Does Image top Performance? Mark Benner Jr

Classic or Junkyard? Natasha Cramer

What do you wanna see in Season 3? Lou Lou Hodgeon

What type of car do you buy next? Mike Fernie

Miata or MX5? whats the name? Marcus Boothby

Whats the worst British car ever made? Brady Shilt

Whats your Italien daily in 1970? Chris Breeden

What kind of Driver are you? Hanalei KR Jaquez

Done for this week!

But check out last weeks Poll of the Week episode to find more brilliant Polls by the DT community!

Last Weeks Tribe of the Week has been Scenario! Check this Tribe out..

...This would be no Poll content without a Poll, so here you go...

Please repost this article, so we can make this series something big

Simon Robinson says thank you!

Thats it for this week, thanks for Reading, see ya!

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