Polo Storico: keeping classic Lamborghinis alive

1y ago


Got Lamborghini that's been out of production for over a decade and struggling to find someone reputable to maintain it? Well, if money's no object you might be in luck – because Lamborghini itself will now service, repair and restore its own classics.

With the values and prominence of classic cars continuing to rise, Lamborghini has seen fit to open a dedicated classics division called 'Polo Storico'. It has its own facility, based at the company's home in Sant'Agata Bolognese, and is committed to the restoration, upkeep and cataloguing of classic Lamborghinis

More than 65% of the spares required to maintain eligible cars are reputedly stored on site, with the remainder available from elsewhere if required.

Owners will be able to get their car certified by Lamborghini, in a similar fashion to Ferrari Classiche.

Okay, so you'll have to get your car to the company's home in order to access the facility, but Lamborghini can help you out with that, too.

Stefano Domenicali, Lamborghini's CEO, said: “The preservation of classic Lamborghinis – and the heritage associated not only with the cars but our design, production and brand over more than 50 years – is an essential department within our company as we head to the future."

Domenicali added: "The investment into our new Lamborghini Polo Storico facility reflects the importance we attach to our heritage – and to our classic car clients who want to return to Lamborghini for the authenticity and accuracy that only Lamborghini ensures."

The Polo Storico also features a two-tier committee, formed of experts, to verify and preserve the company's historical documentation. Manufacturing processes, technical specifications and chassis identifications will all be inspected, verified and catalogued by dedicated Lamborghini teams.

This will further help support classic Lamborghinis and allow owners to have their cars certified by the company, increasing their value further and making them easier to sell. Kerching!

Lamborghini says that complete restorations can take from 6-24 months.



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