POM STAR. A Unique Triumph Bonneville Cafe Mashup by Kerkus

1y ago


There are plenty of interesting brand combinations in the world of motorcycles. You've got the classic Tritons, Tribsas and Norvins. Then there's JAPS and Broughs. Hell, BMW and Peugeot even teamed up at one point. But I'm pretty confident when I say that we've never, ever featured a bike that's seen a Honda and a Triumph Bonneville come together like this. Is it a Tronda? Or maybe a Hiumph? All we know is that this, the latest bike from Malaysia's Kerkus Motorworks, is set to be a real star.

After eyeing the bike a few month's ago at Malaysia's Art of Speed show, we were happy to see that the bike had finally been shot. But first, the boys wanted to talk shop. “2018 will be a big year for us,” says Kerkus half owner, Azaha. “We're planning a cafe racer conversion kit, focusing on the Triumph Bonneville. We will also launch our official website, where people can buy new Kerkus parts and apparel directly from us”.


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