- Second Gen Firebird Kammback. Courtesy (cardesignnews.com & GM Corp.)

Pontiac's Starbird (Coming 00/00/00)

A sleek, silver, strong, screaming family hauler of the future.

2y ago

Dodge's Magnum may have a brief tenure as the modern muscle wagon, but imagine your favorite muscle cars; Camaro, Firebird, Mustang, Challenger, all offering a fatherly body.

The second generation Firebird had everything a bona fide performance car needed. A broad track, bullet smooth roofline, and as much grunt possibly containable under foot. Those first couple years were smoking fun. Life's entering phase two meaning sacrifices approach. Your family won't cram into this coupe forever. You don't want to lose the power. Delay the Kingswood, Pontiac's got an exciting alternative.

Frontal impressions display a familiar snout and scoop. Salesman Stew says it's even 455 propelled. Out pops practicality upon approach toward the driver's door. A roof does not slope off at the thin deck mounted spoiler. Two long panes of glass cover full sized rear seats. They open like wings too. This is a wagon meant for flight. Somewhere I expect an afterburner to protrude from this slotted tail light enclosure. Those rear seats fold as well making this a perfect star gazing machine. Oh the wife's gonna love night time rides now.

It's got all the rumble you would miss otherwise. With a four speed stick the tires could vaporize just like a coupe's. While the Camaro has also been seen with experimental Kammback designs, something about this Firebird variant looks even better. Side panels are clean and only single creased. There's no fancy roof dimples to break a sure space for luggage racks. Station Wagon may be the Devil's word today, but with looks and speed to match I'm sure we'd overcome.

As minivans prepare to die a ritualistic death, crossovers aim toward another takeover. Through this young millenium cars have bloated with technology for safety, entertainment, and system monitoring. Today enthusiasts could appreciate something like this concept Firebird because there are no tricks. I call it Starbird as what's more honest than a car you can lay with your cherished partner beneath clear night skies. Such a vehicle thirsts for passionate operation. Who needs bluetooth when that awesome power plant is all the music one needs? The body calls to each mind an original personality offering renewed interest upon sighting. Crossovers blend into commuter tapioca slush. Starbird's melt it down as a streaking example of awesome performance and daily utility.

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  • How awesome would it have been to be a little kid setting in that back seat. The temptation to open those windows at every traffic light and stop sign would have been powerful!

      2 years ago
    • Absolutely. A vehicle like that invites anyone, children especially, to have a more intimate interaction with the traffic and natural landscape passing by. Many adults remember playing on the back floor of large station wagons, but how...

      Read more
        2 years ago