Porsche 550 spyder

Flyin' horses

Forget baseball; Car Spotting in NYC is my favorite pastime. It's amazing the pieces of machinery (replica or not) that you can find on every block of this city, street-parked nonetheless.

New York is supposedly a city that hates cars, but in this city of 8 million+, there are many who live for cars. The passion that it takes to be a motoring enthusiast in this city rivals anything that you may find anywhere.

Wether it be the streets, the constant presence of the largest police department in the world, insane insurance costs, or the sheer amounts of people, the car hobby isn't easy in this town. However, cars like this 550, and many other gems all over town, show that the passion for interesting motoring is alive and well in this metropolis, the biggest of them all.

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  • Check my post on Classic Car Club Manhattan! You need to check them out.

      3 years ago
  • I need that car in my life. End of.

      3 years ago